On 'LOGFISHER' technology and system:-



Access road confined to ridge top to minimize soil disturbance and damages to growing vegetation.
Skid trials for the side movement of crawler tractor replaced by narrow corridors;
Minimal incidence of water crossing by machinery since logs are extracted using long cable.



One of the most recent harvesting technologies to be developed in the Asia-Pacific region during the last 10 years is the 'Logfisher' timber harvester. It has been referred to as the Malaysian version of the Ground Based Mobile Yarder. In July 1999, the operational application of the 'Logfisher' technology and system was undertaken in the Jengai Forest Reserve as an alternative to existing low and reduced impact logging technologies. It has since been widely accepted and acknowledged as an effective and cost efficient alternative to existing low and reduced impact logging technologies like skyline, Mobile Tower Yarder and Helicopter.

Block C, Compartment 54, Jengai Forest Reserve, Kumpulan Pengurusan Kayu-Kayan Terengganu Forest Concession, State of Terengganu, Malaysia --July 1999. An operational harvesting trial conducted by Logfisher International Sdn. Bhd. based on the concept of RIL planning principles and guidelines for Sustainable Managed Forest.


Concept and Principle

The functionality of the 'Logfisher' timber harvester is based on the concept of fishing. That is where the name 'Logfisher' is derived, literally meaning log-fishing and is a trademark name of the said machine. In perspective, the boom, winch, cable and hook of the 'Logfisher' represent the rod, reel, line and hook of a fishing hook and line.

In the conceptualization and design of the machine, it was based on the principle that it has to be robust, powerful, versatile and simple to operate and maintain in rugged and unpredictable terrain and site conditions.


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Logs are winched out of the forest by 'Logfisher' with the use of long cable. In the process the logs slide along the forest floor creating narrow corridors.


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Skid trials are constructed by Bulldozer to access every individual trees to be felled. The logs are then winched and dragged out along the skid trials.

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Minimal Destruction and Hardly Damaging -- Soil and vegetation clearly intact for continual forest regeneration and growth.

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Destructive and Damaging -- Approximately 30 to 50% of the harvested area are destroyed and partially cleared.

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